Participants who wish to contribute to the 7th International EDiLiC Congress are requested to submit their proposals following the requirements below:

  • 30-minute paper presentation (20 minutes’ presentation followed by 10 minutes’ discussion) with a theoretical or practical theme;
  • 60-minute workshop (presentation followed by tasks aimed at participant engagement) focusing on a practical issue;
  • poster – the presentation should contain concise information in the form of a description and graphics, such as photographs, drawings, graphs, tables or diagrams. It should be F4 size (height 128 cm, width 89.5 cm). Please add your name and the title of the poster at the top.

Should your proposal be accepted, it will be included in one of the three areas addressed by the conference .

The paper, workshop and poster proposals should be in French, English or Polish. All abstracts should be 200-400 words in length and should provide enough information to acquaint the conference organisers with the subject matter. A short bibliography (3-5 items) and 4-5 keywords should be included. All abstracts will be subject to review by the Congress Academic Committee.

Conference Language

Languages used during the conference are: Polish, English, French and German.

You are strongly encouraged to make your presentations multilingual and prepare any materials such as Power Point slides and/or abstracts in a language other than that used in the presentation.

Proposals should be submitted, via the Congress website, by:

  • 20 April 2017

Decisions will be communicated by:

  • 7 May 2017

Registration for the conference, via the Congress website (Registration Formular), is open from 24  February 2017 :